“…they know [guns] are trouble and anytime there is one around, someone is going to get hurt.”

That quote from this San Francisco Bay Guardian column on the local chapter of the Pink Pistols who are trying to get San Francisco’s CCW permit process changed. According to the article there are only “five permits issued to non-law enforcement personnel in the city.” Five. And you can bet they’re either celebrities or government officials. Mere peons need not apply. And, of course, the header of the section on this push is entitled “Licensed to kill”.

Here’s the whole quote:

“This is an antigun city, and I’m proud to say that our District Attorney’s Office has the highest gun-prosecution rate of any county in the state,” District Attorney Terence Hallinan said. “San Franciscans don’t like guns; they know [guns] are trouble and anytime there is one around, someone is going to get hurt.”

Yeah, all those armed police officers sure are dangerous.

The article does get in this excellent zinger:

In California it’s up to the discretion of the chief law enforcement agency in each county to grant a CCW permit. Evidently Marin County is lenient about CCW permits, as it issued one to actor and resident Sean Penn, who recently made the news when his car was stolen, along with two of his handguns, when he was in Berkeley. It is no secret that Penn has been convicted of assault and domestic violence, a history that would normally disqualify any applicant from permission to carry a concealed weapon.

But he’s not a peon – he’s one of the priviledged class.

And, of course, there’s this inevitable question that comes up every time “shall-issue” is mentioned:

What would be the implications if more people were issued CCW permits in San Francisco? Would there be shoot-outs over parking spaces and taxis? Would queer bashing decrease but homicides by queers increase? Will there be a day when you’ll have to check your gun at the bar, like in San Francisco of 150 years ago?

At least the author answers that question – “Not likely” he says.

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