Where the Hell Were the Parents – Follow-up

Well, right on schedule: JoinTogether jumps on the “WE NEED MORE GUN LAWS!” bandwagon and fires up the calliope before the blood dries. Right. All the laws we’ve got now haven’t helped. Let’s do it some more, only harder.

“Sadly, school shootings and gun suicides have become all too familiar in the United States and Pennsylvania,” said Miller, “but they needn’t be. These avoidable incidents don’t happen in other developed countries, where guns are not readily available for disturbed youth to take to school to threaten or harm students, adults or themselves, like occurred today in Wellsboro.”

They don’t drug their children instead of raising them in other developed countries, either. We didn’t have these kinds of “disturbed kids” in the 40’s or 50’s or 60’s or even 70’s. Why was that? Guns were certainly “readily available” back then. What’s changed isn’t “gun availability.”

Edbril continued, “A law was recently passed in New Jersey which will soon require all new handguns to include childproofing technology that will prevent their use by anyone but authorized adult users, thus reducing the potential for the sort of tragedies we have seen three times in six weeks here.”

Which will have absolutely no effect on the 200,000,000+ guns already out there you IDIOTS. And the “child” was 12 years old. He’s probably more than bright enough to defeat any “safety mechanism” including a gun safe.

Miller expanded: “We don’t know where the guns brought to school today were acquired by this child, but we do know that prohibited underage purchasers can obtain handguns too easily through illegal street sales. The illegal market for handguns devastates Pennsylvania. We can drastically reduce the illegal market by disrupting straw purchases of multiple handguns through passage of CeaseFire PA’s Handgun Trafficking Reduction Act.”

Right. A 12 year old bought a duffelbag full of guns on the street. My sweet freaking jebus.


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