“To Stop Gun Violence, Go to the Source”

That’s the title of this Washington Post column by Jabari Asim. There’s more than a little common sense that you hardly ever hear in this piece. Such as:

In between going to work and teaching my sons to duck and cover, I never paused to think about gun-control ordinances, and I doubt the predators who tormented our block did either. It was hard to get worked up about such laws, which clearly had little relevance where we lived.

Some folks see flaps over firearms as clashes between the gun lobby and peace-loving liberals. Similarly, the battle brewing between Hatch and Washington officials is cast as a fight over home rule, not public safety. Neither of those confrontations may mean much to an ordinary citizen who just wants to get from her car to her house without a bullet bringing her down.

All this debate tends to overshadow a distressing fact: it is not firearms that disproportionately harm black people; black people disproportionately harm black people. I can’t help concluding that folks who really care about the health of besieged communities should concentrate on the shooters instead of the guns.

Go read the whole thing.

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