Sorry if I’m Late

But I just found Steven Den Beste’s Amazon Wishlist.

Damn, I knew the guy had a sense of humor to match that intellect!

I’m not sure why he’d want a Demag AC650 construction crane (perhaps to drive through a downtown area with the boom swinging freely as in Terminator 3?)

I do see the attraction of a personal submarine, however (at only $4*107! [that’s $40,000,000 to non-engineers] what a bargain!)

And I certainly can understand the Warp Drive upgrade for the Clueless, but

Britney Spears in a bikini?? That’s bad enough, but the associated pint of maple syrup just puts it over the top!

Oh, and Steven? You’re getting your 16 minutes of fame. Just in random 30-second increments.

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