My internet service was down – again – when I got up Saturday morning, and it was down all day with the exception of about a 1 minute window Saturday afternoon. (You can tell by watching the blinking lights on the cable modem.) Called Comcast – next service tech available FRIDAY THE 26th!

When I got up this morning, again, no-go. Went to the range with my wife and spent a pleasant morning plinking, stopped at a restaraunt and had a nice lunch, got home and still no ISP. Sat down to watch a video tape. WTF? VCR is buggered. Run the video feed off the VCR, all I get is snow.

A little bell rings in the back of my head.

I disconnect the cable from the VCR and tie it directly to the TV. Good picture. (Quality had been not quite up to snuff recently.)

Bingo! I’ve got internet service again.

Guess I need to get a new VCR.

And I need to cancel that service call.

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