And Some People Believe that Only Cops Should Have Guns

Via Say Uncle comes this heartwarming story of Thomas Martin McGouey and his attempt to commit suicide-by-cop. He does everything right. He leaves a suicide note telling the cops where he is. He has a gun. He paints a bullseye on his chest and adds the words “Let me die.” The cops are called with a report that there is a man shooting a gun, threatening to kill people and himself. They arrive – at least six of them – and find the man in a field. (Mr. McGouey apparently ensured that any stray rounds would not endanger others – and a good thing, too.) He approaches while the officers tell him to show his hands. When he gets to within 30 yards of the officers, he brings his hands out from behind his back, and points a gun (a pellet gun, but they couldn’t know that) at the cops.

The results?

Twenty eight (28!) rounds fired by the officers.

Mr. McGouey was later treated for one superficial gunshot wound to the shoulder.

I think that was just bad luck.

Oh yeah, only police officers receive the hours of training necessary to use firearms effectively.

Thank Jebus there wasn’t a crowd in the background.

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