And Then There Were Ten

Mike over at Feces Flinging Monkey has a very interesting post up on the tenth dwarf running for Democratic Presidential Nominee, entitled Hillary’s Golem. It’s worth a look. Go read.

UPDATE: John Donovan at argghhh!! has this to say about Wesley Clark – AKA “POD” or “Prince of Darkness” (actually he has a lot to say, just scroll through the site):

The POD served as Commander, National Training Center during Desert Storm and Desert Shield. That was where I first worked for him. He also served as the commander of the BCTP at Fort Leavenworth – which is the agency responsible for critiquing the performance of general officers. The point being – the POD not only is used to engaging in self-criticism, he knows how to do it. And believe me, he will. And he’ll learn and adapt fast.

Which won’t change a whit my opinion that he’s not the right guy to be President. Problem is, he has the people skills of Eisenhower, with the ego and self-image of MacArthur. Not a good combination.

Since John’s worked for the man, IMHO he’s a good place to get an opinion. Go see what he has to say.

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