Firearms On a School Campus?!?!?

Via Boots & Sabers comes this short pleasantly surprising story of the Texas A&M Pistol Team Tryouts!

Take your best shot

Sophomore agriculture development major Tammy Gebert aims down range at a target 50 feet away, practicing before tryouts for the Texas A&M Pistol Team. Tryouts for the team will be held through Sept. 26th at 7 p.m. in the basement of the Military Science building and include a rapid fire test, a target test and slow shot test. The pistol team welcomes students of all skill levels to participate in tryouts.

But of course the eye-catching part of the story is a picture of Ms. Gebert:

I cannot help but wonder if she is a member of the Second Amendment Sisters. And I am heartened to know that there is still at least one University where guns aren’t verboten on campus.

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