“…Only Democrats and Dictators are Afraid of Elections.”

From Hud’s Blog-O-Rama (nod to Kim du Toit for the pointer):

If there’s any universal truth these days it’s only Democrats and Dictators are afraid of elections. They do anything to block, challenge or fix them at every turn. Gore tried to overturn the Florida election by specious means, in New Jersey they had Senator Toricelli substituted by a more winnable candidate against every law, and in California they are trying to block the recall even though it’s constitutional and the public has spoken with a serious mandate (they also condemn it while trying t recall Bush). They used the left wing 9th circuit court of appeals to block it, using the racist argument that minorities can’t understand a punch card. This after the fact that these punch cards elected the presidents who appointed these left wing judges.

I will repeat my previous assertion that the Democrat’s antics and hysteria is going to destroy them in the next election. They have cried wolf too many times, they have lied about serious issues to the point of absurdity.

Which is why they are trying to throw so many elections. It’s the only way they think they can win.

No wonder they’re so pissed off.

Which is to a large measure an extension of what I wrote during the 2000 election debacle:

However, the end result of this downward spiral has been an electorate ignorant in the simple foundations of this country and its government. Most especially the foundation of a rule of law in which EVERYONE is equal under the laws of the land. The Democrats have taken advantage of this general ignorance to its logical extreme. President Clinton, when testifying under oath, debates the meaning of the word “is”, and essentially gets away with it. Vice President Gore, when shown to be in direct violation of campaign finance law states that there was no “controlling legal authority”.

Laws don’t MEAN anything to them. A law is an inconvenient bit of wording that just has to be “interpreted” properly to achieve their ends. When they file suit, they must shop for the proper judge, or they might not be able to get the “spin” they want. Like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, words mean just what they want them to mean, no more no less. And that meaning can change at any time.

What has this election proven? The system is broken beyond a shadow of a doubt. Humpty-Dumpty is smashed. Regardless of who wins the recount in Florida, we have a system that has abandoned the rule of law because the populace let it, not knowing any better. Everything is up for interpretation.

The subsequent Torricelli replacement and now this 9th Circuit decision simply illustrates that pessimism.

So let’s see what the political cartoonists have to say.

Mike Keefe of the Denver Post is spot-on there.

Larry Wright of the Detroit News is one of my favorites, and boy did he call this one!

Rex Babin of the Sacramento Bee might be right about the Supreme Court ignoring the behavior of the 9th Circuit this time.

Steve Breen of the San Diego Union Tribune simply describes the situation as he sees it.

Kevin Kallaugher of the Baltimore Sun also describes without actually commenting.

And finally, Jack Ohman of the Portland Oregonian has the right idea.

“The worst thing about living in the declining era of a great civilization, is knowing that you are.” Robert A. Heinlein

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