Oh Sweet Jebus, Don’t These Blithering Morons Listen to Themselves?

From the Austrailian newspaper the Daily Telegraph comes this story of a robbery in which 34 handguns were stolen by armed bandits. The unarmed guard of the appropriately named “Obliging Security Services” was confronted by two armed men, and forced to open a safe in which the firearms were (legally) stored. Here’s the money quotes:

Police Minister John Watkins asked Commissioner Ken Moroney to suspend the licence of Obliging Security Services yesterday after the robbery was revealed in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph.

Right. They followed the rules, so it’s obviously their fault.

The company was the subject of a security audit by police in August last year and met all the requirements of the Fire Arms Act.

This wasn’t enough to keep thieves from breaking into the premises at 11.45pm.

Mr Watkins said he would be looking at changing the Act to introduce mandatory time delay locks on safes, surveillance cameras and better staffing of security offices where guns are held.

Thus making it even more expensive to stay in business, without actually affecting the real problem – violent criminals.

“If a crackdown on the security industry, or greater penalties for failing to secure weapons, puts people out of business – then they don’t deserve to be in business anyway,” Mr Watkins said.

Right! It’s the job of government officials to determine just who does and who does not deserve to be in business. That’s why they get elected, right? To tell everybody exactly what to do and how, and when things still don’t go as advertised, the elected officials get to blame the electorate for it!

“There’s two possibilities here – they didn’t follow the rules and are to blame, or they did and the rules aren’t tough enough. Whatever the case, I’m changing that from today. It’s a sad fact that there’s a growing black market in handguns.

And you’re surprised why? You had England’s sterling example to look to.

“Every gun police take off the streets makes the price of another illegal gun go up.”

You understand this, but you’re still going to blame everybody but the government and the criminals? Yup, you’re a politician. Head so firmly up your fundament that you fart to blow your nose.

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