“Because the gun industry is under special attack”

Eugene Volokh comments on this article in the Washington Post. Specifically on this question from The Violence Policy Center’s legal director, Dennis Hennigan:

“Why does the gun industry deserve special protection?”

Here’s what Prof. Volokh said (and I fully concur:)

Because the gun industry is under special attack.

If when someone drunk on Coors crashes his Mustang into me, I were able to successfully sue Coors and Ford for selling their products knowing that they cause death, or for recklessly and wantonly refusing to (for instance) install breathalyzer ignition overrides that would (maybe) help prevent drunk driving, then I’d see the bill as being about “special protection” (though then I’d just want it broadened to cars and alcohol, too). But right now, the bill is simply aimed at making sure that the tort liability system treats guns like other lawful but dangerous products.

He has more to say here.

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