Can I Get an “AMEN!”

Bill Whittle comments on the Democrat reaction to the California recall vote, but his last paragraph is the heart of it:

As I say when I watch a key football player on the opposing team get carried off the field: I hope he makes a speedy and complete recoverynext week. Right now, that’s how I feel about the radical left wing of the Democratic Party. I hope they continue to take that Party into flames and ruin, deep and severe enough to shake the serpents out of the tent, because that hateful, elitist group of social engineers that despise America also loathe and fear real democracy – and rightfully so, seeing how it keeps treating them. These people need to be confronted, ridiculed, challenged and discredited at every turn and in the bright light of day. Then, perhaps, the Democrats can return to the party claimed by Jefferson and Truman, and many millions of other decent, patriotic Americans, people of integrity with whom it is a pleasure – sometimes an honor – to disagree.

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