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Once again Steven Den Beste whips out the million-candlepower spotlight in his peice on media influence entitled Demonstration of Power. Excerpts:

(M)any in the media think they are, or should actually be, our true leaders. They see their job not merely to serve as the eyes and ears of the public, but also as its brain. This isn’t new, of course, and when it’s managed well it’s valuable. When news reporting is isolated from editorializing then it works quite well.

But when the two are no longer segregated, and when there’s a concerted attempt to deceive the public through deliberate selection of what to report and by deliberate distortion in how it’s reported, then it actually threatens our system.

Many in the press deny that anything like this happens. Some are naive, others are disingenuous. But it’s beyond dispute that it happens.

When it happens in peace, it’s a problem. But when it happens in war, it can threaten the existence of the nation.

In yesterday’s election the people of this state voiced their opinion about how their government was being run. And from Kuntzman’s point of view, they said the wrong thing. It appears that he thinks this is much too important an issue to be left to the people to decide. He feels that the press failed because it didn’t work hard enough on supporting Davis by trying to prevent recall, or in trying to defeat Schwarzenegger.

As always, RTWT.

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