Publicola On a Rant

Fellow blogger Publicola has a lot to say, and does it well in this piece. Excerpts:

Republicans. Not worth a damn. Not the individuals who call themselves republicans, but The Republican Party. Only thing worse is the Democrat Party. But not by much.

In D.C. we have a republican in the White House who lowered taxes. That’s it. That’s all he’s done that the Republican Party is supposed to stand for.

Not that he’s not done anything else; he just hasn’t done anything else that’s supposed to be ‘republican’.

He (& the Republican Party in general) is too devoted to the idea of government fixing all our problems. They have totally abandoned the political philosophy that set them apart from the Democrat Party. Bush may not have caused this situation himself, but he is in a position to affect a positive change. He won’t.

Much more – mostly about illegal immigration. Go read. It’s worth your time.

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