I Thought the Idea was to PUNISH Criminals

Oh sweet bleeding Jebus. Kim linked to this story about an Austrailian police officer:

He faces one charge of wounding with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

He also faces three charges of firing a firearm in a manner likely to endanger the safety of any other person.

Why? Because he shot at a man trying to run him over.

But that’s not the best story! From a link on that page, we get this:

Prison punishment concern

PRISONERS losing privileges and being moved to higher security areas as punishment has been criticised by the state Ombudsman.

In his annual report, Eugene Biganovsky raises concerns a section of legislation allowing prisoners to be moved at the discretion of prison officials or losing privileges was being abused.

He cited three cases:

A prisoner who allegedly threatened to take an officer hostage was stripped of electricity in his cell and had his phone calls limited.

An inmate wrongly accused of being involved in building and operating a still at Cadell Training Centre was moved to a high security jail yet faced no charges.

A television was taken away from a prisoner accused of “abusing a nurse”.

Poor babies! They should file suit because they’re not being tucked in at night!

First the police can’t do their jobs, and second the prisons can’t either!

And they wonder why violent crime is on the rise in Australia!

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