Read This and then Tell Me that Gun Control “Works”

Read this excellent editorial from the British paper The Guardian: Gun crime spreads ‘like a cancer’ across Britain

Money quote:

Handgun crime has soared past levels last seen before the Dunblane massacre of 1996 and the ban on ownership of handguns introduced the year after Thomas Hamilton, an amateur shooting enthusiast, shot dead 16 schoolchildren, their teacher and himself in the Perthshire town.

It was hoped the measure would reduce the number of handguns available to criminals. Now handgun crime is at its highest since 1993.

As well as being converted from air guns and blank firing weapons, handguns are being imported from eastern Europe and beyond. A good quality semi-automatic handgun can be bought on the streets of London for as little as £200.

That’s about $350.00 – about the retail cost of a decent pistol here in the U.S.

Sure, gun control works. It disarms the victims just about perfectly.

You’ll note that there aren’t any stories like these in the British press.

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