Looks Like Ohio Will Become the Next “Shall-Issue” CCW State

According to Ohioans for Concealed Carry.

Ohioans should stand by for a “certainty of more maiming and killing, accidentally or otherwise.”

Apparently Ohioans are somehow more accident-prone and bloodthirsty than residents of other states.

In related good news, the New Mexico Supreme Court has denied cert. to a challenge to its recently passed CCW law. Surprisingly, the challengers of the law stated:

(O)pponents of the law will begin to compile data on whether homicides and suicides increase because handguns are more accessible.

Opponents would “work towards a repeal if the data shows the law is detrimental in New Mexico.”

Hasn’t yet in any of the other states.

UPDATE (1/8): Say Uncle reports that Kansas could be next.

I love this quote in the story, though:

(Rep. Candy) Ruff (D-Leavenworth) said she had no desire to carry a weapon and was not a member of the NRA. She said her support was based on what she said was the constitutional right to carry a gun and protect oneself.

Right. What she said.

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