You Might be an Internet Gun Nut if:

You have visited a gun forum 25 times since the last time you shot a gun. Not guilty

You have more gun related bookmarks on your computer than you have fired shots from guns in the last year. Not guilty

You stay up late into the night comparing bullet or ammo prices from various web sites. Guilty

You have ever bought a gun on line. Guilty

You have a copy of Brownell’s catalog, but you spend 10 times as long finding something on their web site, because it is more convenient. Not guilty

You have shooting buddies you have never met in person. Guilty

You have guns you have never shot, but still spend most of Saturday typing on the computer about guns. Not guilty

You get your computer to print your targets that you found for free on the internet. Guilty

You can’t stop reading about guns on line, and did a little sneaking and did it at work. Guilty

You get a flyer in your mailbox from AIM that shows guns on sale, and you go directly to your computer to see if it is also on their website. Guilty. My AIM flyer comes to me AT work.

You use the FFL copies signed in blue ink given you by the gunstore to gain access to gun distributor prices on line. Not guilty

You have read all the new topics at rec.guns every day for 10 years. Not guilty. I didn’t know rec.guns existed until about 1998.

That’s six out of twelve. But I have a blog, so I guess that makes me an internet gun nut.

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