Another Criminal Stopped by a Citizen with a Gun

That won’t be reported on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox or any other national news outlet because no child was shot.

Sacramento radio station KTKZ reports that Roseville resident William Castle caught a burglar trying to steal his pickup truck right out of his garage. He held the man at gunpoint until the police arrived. No shots fired. The kicker:

Officers arrested 21-year-old David Cerniglia on suspicion of burglary. Allison says the supect may be tied to a number of similar crimes over the past few weeks.


Consider how many stories you read about an armed citizen preventing a crime – and, no doubt it happens. Compare that with the number of stories of people who accidentally shoot someone else, accidentally shoot themselves or purposely shoot someone in the heat of an argument. Common sense suggests that the more guns on the street, the more wrongful injuries and death.

So says Tracey Warner, editor of the Ft. Wayne Indiana Journal-Gazette. But how many stories like this one – where no shots were fired – get reported? And if they aren’t reported, how are we to know about them and what does that do to our “common sense?”

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