I HATE IT When I Can’t Find a Link!

While surfing last night I found something so simple and obvious that it literally caused me to laugh out loud that I hadn’t thought of it myself. The new liberal talk-radio network, ‘Air America,’ which has been rightfully ridiculed for numerous things (not the least of which being the fact that it’s named after the CIA front air transport company of the Vietnam era) is now on the air, and failing miserably. Put forward as an antithesis to Rush Limbaugh and his “dittoheads,” someone yesterday put forth the idea that “Air America” fans should be rightly named… wait for it….


And now I can’t find the link to credit the source, dammit. If anybody knows, drop me a line.

Damn, the cluelessness of the left is sometimes awe-inspiring.

UPDATE: Reader Jay found the link. It comes from Robert Cox of The National Debate:

NOTE: I continue to do my best to listen to Air America and am hereby coining the phrase “Airhead” to refer to persons making dopey comments on Air America Radio. Feel free to use this term as needed. I will issue Airhead Alerts as appropriate on this web site.

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