Human Nature Doesn’t Change

I found this quiz through a piece over at What We Mean. It seems that some commenters at Little Green Footballs echo the opinions of the Nazis when it comes to genocide. The quiz tests your ability to determine which quotes are from LGF commenters and which from Nazis. I took it, and scored 69%. It’s not that difficult, but the similarities between the (admittedly) cherry-picked comments are pronounced.

The point of the original piece seems to be: “The horrible evil commenters who are supported (or at least not censured) by LGF are Nazis!” (And it’s not a logical long-jump to the implication: “All right-wingers are closet Nazis in favor of the genocide of our little brown brethren,” either.)

My take on it? This is the thing I don’t understand – why do many people seem to insist on believing that Germans during 1936-1945 are somehow different from humans from any other time? Or that the really evil Nazi’s were just a tiny fraction of the population? Human nature is human nature. People who think this way have always existed, and they can sway others to believe the same way.

That’s how people become convinced that it’s a good thing to see their sons and daughters strap bombs onto their bodies and climb onto buses.

Humans have an almost unlimited ability to go insane in so many different ways. Go read for the flip-side.

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