OW! You Made My Brain Hurt!

It does that when the obvious-stick is jabbed through my eye-socket and into my skull.

Feces Flinging Monkey delivers an essay that is almost literally a ClueBatâ„¢ to the noggin – the Democrats are CONSERVATIVES.

No! Really! Some excerpts:

The Democrats Have Become The New Conservatives.

I’m serious. Take a quick look at their big domestic issues now:

Don’t weaken abortion laws.
Don’t weaken affirmative action laws.
Don’t weaken the public school system.
Don’t weaken the unions.
Don’t weaken welfare.
Don’t weaken environmental laws.
Don’t weaken gun control laws.
Don’t weaken liability laws.
Don’t weaken Medicare.
Don’t weaken Social Security.
Don’t get too far into debt.
And of course, stop taking so many chances overseas.

There is no innovation here, no new plan or new future, nothing bold or risky or daring. It’s a gigantic holding action. The only real change ever discussed is an increase in scale, an increase of quantity rather than kind. You can run the same speeches from the 1980 race and nobody would notice the difference.

The face of the Democratic party is, more accurately, the face of the soccer mom – risk-adverse, parentalisitc, and always concerned for the sake of the children.

The face of the Democratic party is not that of the hot chick you saw at the Phish concert. It’s the face of Kyle’s Mom from Southpark.

RTWT. There’s much more in there that will really make you think.

He’s absolutely right.

The problem isn’t that the Democrats are too liberal, it’s that the Republicans aren’t libertarian enough. We’ve got TWO conservative parties, and there really is only about a dime’s worth of difference between them.

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