Boy, Good Thing This Happened in D.C! Somebody Might’ve Had a Gun!

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It seems that Supreme Court Justice David Souter was attacked by a “group of young men” while out jogging. Here’s the story:

Supreme Court Justice Souter Assaulted

WASHINGTON – Supreme Court Justice David Souter suffered minor injuries when a group of young men assaulted him as he jogged on a city street, a court spokeswoman and Metropolitan Police said Saturday.

The attack occurred about 9 p.m. Friday, and Supreme Court police took Souter, 64, to a Washington hospital, court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said. He was examined and released about 1 a.m. Saturday.

Neither Arberg nor police would detail the justice’s injuries except to say they were minor. Nor would they give other details about the assault, except Arberg said Souter was not robbed.

A spokeswoman for Washington Hospital Center also would not talk about the incident because of privacy rules.

Souter was running alone when he was attacked. He lives in a neighborhood not far from the Supreme Court building on Capitol Hill, where the attack occurred.

Souter is among the youngest justices and is a regular jogger.

He is not the first justice to be injured while exercising. Justice Stephen Breyer was thrown from his bicycle several years ago and suffered minor injuries.

Souter was named to the bench by the first President Bush in 1990.

“Injured while exercising??” This wasn’t an oopsie, this was a criminal attack. (Unless Justice Breyer was “thrown from his bicycle” by an assailant, too, how do these two incidents rate comparison? Surely Justice O’Connor has pulled a muscle riding a horse once or twice, too.)

Let’s see: A city in which no one is allowed to have a firearm for self-protection. A 64 year-old man out jogging at 9PM. He’s assaulted by “a group of young men.” Young men who, by all evidence, would have no problem acquiring pretty much any weapon they might want (gun, knife, club, broken bottle…), have no compunction about assaulting someone, and who had nothing to fear from one old guy in jogging togs.

I’d say Justice Souter was one lucky SOB.

Unless it was someone trying to influence his vote on a case, that is.

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