The Philosophy CANNOT Be Wrong. Do It Some More, Only HARDER!

Well, in their quixotic effort to reduce halt the increase in violent crime involving guns in England through gun banning regulation, they’ve now made “the manufacture, sale and purchase of hi-tech air weapons using a self-contained gas cartridge” illegal and “owners without a licence will be prosecuted.” The sentence is five years.

But of course the gun-grabbers still aren’t happy. There’s still “loopholes” that “need to be tightened”:

Lucy Cope launched Mothers Against Guns after her 22-year-old son Damian was killed by a converted replica in 2002 (Yes, the gun magically converted itself, loaded itself, and levitated itself until it found her son, then it pulled its own trigger and killed him.) and is calling for a total ban on the sale of replica weapons – whether or not they can be modified to fire bullets.

“Replica weapons are toys that kill, they are weapons of mass destruction,” she said. “Anything that resembles a gun should be banned.

“Even cap guns can cause problems – police units have to make difficult snap judgements about whether they’re real or fake.”

Got that? CAP GUNS need to be banned. Replica guns are “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.’

Let’s look at some more idiocy:

Paul Kelly, chairman of the Police Federation in Greater Manchester, remains unconvinced by the new legislation.

“The Home Office is making the right noises,” he said, “but we think it’s time to see some real substance.

“Anything designed to be an absolute replica should need a licence in exactly the same way as a real firearm.

Um, that would be the real firearms that were licensed, registered, and stored safely under the previous law. The law that was found to be ineffective at stopping firearm crime. The law that permitted the government to know where every single legally owned firearm was kept and who owned it. The law that allowed the government to tell those legal owners to hand in all semi-automatic long guns in 1988 (which didn’t slow the increase in violent crime) and all handguns in 1996 (which didn’t even slow down the increase in violent crime involving HANDGUNS.) You mean that kind of license?

Just because the horse is beaten bloody dead doesn’t mean we shouldn’t beat it some more! The philosophy CANNOT BE WRONG! The policy just wasn’t implemented correctly! LET’S TURN UP THE POWER!

But look! Down here at paragraph 28!

Mr Kelly feels the law will change little for the bobby on the street and added: “Officers will still be expected to spot the real guns and the replicas – even when it’s a dark, wet night and late on in their shift.

It will change nothing at all for either the bobby nor the general English subject. And here’s a bit of (typical) wishful thinking:

“If we take the things off the market, the problem will be solved.”

Uh, no. You keep neglecting the first law of economics: Demand WILL BE MET by supply. As illustrated in the very next paragraph:

Increasingly, criminals are sourcing weapons abroad, as modern technology helps them avoid government and police safeguards.

The mantra from many gun controllers regarding why Chicago and Washington D.C. have such high homicide rates despite their draconian gun control laws is that guns are brought into the cities from areas with “lax gun laws,” and if the gun laws were uniform across the nation, this wouldn’t happen. Yet the UK has uniform gun laws, IT’S A FREAKING ISLAND and guns still flow across its borders.

No, now the Internet is at fault (if one scapegoat dies, find another):

Police are working to stop the flow of convertible guns into Britain, but growing sales on uncontrolled internet sites are worrying.

It took me just 10 minutes to access one selling all manner of firearms from central Europe, boasting delivery anywhere in the world.

Demand will generate a supply, baby. That’s economics 101.

And efforts like this:

The new legislation makes it illegal to manufacture, sell, purchase, transfer or acquire any air weapon that uses a self-contained gas cartridge system.

Anyone who already owns one will be able to keep it only by obtaining a £50 firearm certificate from the police.

are destined to abject failure.

But the philosophy cannot be WRONG! And the indoctrination of the populace has had decades to do its job, and do it well:

It’s about time firearms of all types were banned in this country. Airguns can seriously injure or even kill. Do we really want to become like the US and have over 40 shootings a day in each state? All guns shout (sic) be banned.
T. Hawkins, Swinton, Gtr. Manchester

You’ve pretty much tried that, T. Hawkins. Hasn’t worked, or haven’t you noticed?

And I’d bet you’d love to have our levels of burglary, robbery, assault, home invasion, and general thuggery.

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