Oh, THIS Will Help

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It seems that now the Brits think that they can shame criminals into not using guns in crime.


Reporter: Natalie Jackson

A poster campaign featuring the faces of people who’ve been convicted of gun crime has been unveiled today. The policy has been criticised by a civil liberties group. But senior police officers hope their naming and shaming policy will deter youngsters from getting involved with guns. Natalie Jackson reports.

The Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police launching his campaign today. He’s promoting this poster which names and shames four convicted gun criminals.

The Chief Constable for Nottinghamshire Police Steve Green says ‘It isn’t cool to carry a gun, there are consequences if you shoot someone you will be sent to prison for a very long time, and this campaign gets that message home’.

Only if you get caught. They don’t seem able to do much of that.

But civil liberty groups are against the move, claiming it infringes the human rights of the men and their families.

Steve says ‘I’m going to do everything in my power to tackle gun crime, I’m going to do everything in my power to protect the people of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and if this is what I have to do. What I am doing is proportionate to the threat to the safety of people in this city’.

Everything, that is, except allow the people in your city to defend themselves effectively without fear of prosecution or persecution.

But, realistically, the brainwashing has gone on for so long and has been so effective that I don’t think enough Brits would be able to defend themselves effectively. It’s been bred and trained right out of too many of them.

And the figures speak for themselves. In the last fourteen months in Nottingham ninety three weapons have been discharged, forty six people shot and five of those were fatal.

Really? In the gun control utopia of England? How is that possible?

Oh, right. The “loopholes” of “imitation” firearms, Eastern Europe and the internet. Silly me.

Police say the message to gun criminals is that they’re not untouchable.

Just mostly.

The poster carries four photos.

Let’s see, ninety-three weapons discharges, forty-six hits, five fatal. That’s a hit to miss ratio of (mmm…carry the one…) 49.5%! Damn, for a culture where most guns are banned, that’s pretty high!

Here’s the BBC’s take on it. Money quote:

But the move is not backed by everyone.

Reverend George Benson, Pastor at a church in Nottingham is concerned about the message it gives out to people and fears a similar reaction to that which occurred surrounding the controversial idea of naming and shaming paedophiles.

Rev Benson said: How many people got injured because of neighbourhood watch and vigilantes actually took the law into their own hands?”

Figures for Nottinghamshire show 46 people have been shot – five of them fatally, in the last 16 months.

Residents in some parts of Nottingham say the use of guns has become a common way of sorting out so-called turf wars between rival gangs.

Yeah, those neighborhood watch vigilantes really are a problem, aren’t they? But self-defense is perfectly legal and acceptable in jolly old England. Really.

And note that “the use of guns has become a common way of sorting out… turf wars”. The handgun ban and confiscation was in 1996. That was over eight years ago.

But “gun control” (licensing, registration, “needs” testing, and “safe storage,” followed by bans and confiscation) makes you safer, don’tcha know?

Here’s a bit more:

The move is welcomed by community leaders.

Milton Crossdale director Racial Equality Council in Nottingham said: “We are not to give young people the idea that people who use guns are the big bosses and they should be emulated.

“If we can discourage young people from seeing these kind of people as role models then this kind of campaign should be encouraged.”

Mothers of victims have held street campaigns in the past against guns.

Police have said with support from residents they will beat the problems.

Not when the problem is defined as “GUNS!!”

The chant at the first (not even close to a) “Million Moms March” was “England can do it! Australia can do it! WE CAN TOO!

I sure as hell hope not, and I’ll do everything in my power to prevent it.

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