Truer Words…

Via AlphaPatriot.

From Hog On Ice about Algore’s continuing meltdown:

Al Gore is insane. We already knew he was a compulsive, shameless, artless liar. That has been proven beyond dispute. But he’s also batshit crazy.

I’ve been telling people this since 2000. I wish I could link to a video of the debate where he showed up dressed like President Reagan, with his hair done up in the Reagan style, and with Reagan-mimicking rouge applied to his cheeks. You may not remember. He even did Reagan’s signature head-bob while he talked. It was like a sketch from Saturday Night Live, only there was no punchline.

And what about that bizarre moment when he stomped over to George Bush’s side of the platform and stared at him with a broad Xanax grin on his face? What was that all about?

It should have been clear right there that not all of Al’s delegates were answering roll call, but people are reluctant to come out and say that a Presidential candidate isn’t firing on all cylinders. Even for his opponents, it’s a hard thing to believe.

If we had elected this nut, right now, Joe Lieberman would probably be President, and Al would be on a permanent vacation in a padded chamber at the renamed Camp David Berkowitz.

Ooh! Ouch!

And from e-Clair on why the Right must stand up to the Left and call it on on its viciousness:

Appeals must be made for the return of the responsible citizen who is busy conducting his own life in a respectable manner and who has stepped back from political discourse out of disgust. The responsible, adult citizen must be encouraged to rejoin the fray or we will be left at the mercy of the omnivorous, media-driven gimmie-whimsey of the consumer.

Otherwise we will live in a country run by the decisiveness of Kerry, the compassion of Hillary and the honesty of Teddy.

Can I get an “AMEN!”?

Thanks, AlphaPatriot. I wouldn’t have found those otherwise.

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