THIS is Important!

Moorewatch is, well, you read what JimK has to say:

I’m so thoroughly disgusted by Michael Moore’s new book of supposed letters from soldiers that I’ve decided to put my money…or more precisely, my time, where my mouth is.

I will assemble a counter to Moore’s book. Unedited, untouched except for the assemblage, a book of letters from soldiers that support the President and do not trust Mr. Moore.

If you are military and you are interested, or you have military family members who would like to participate, please send your letters to letters at moorewatch dot com. All hate mail will be deleted upon receipt, so save your energy, Moore-ons.

If you prefer to write old-fashioned snail mail letters, I will get a P.O. Box and make the address available. Email would be the best route though, since time is of the essence.

I will touch not a word of these letters. Not one. If you send a letter, you must be willing to allow me to publish it AND publish your name and branch of service, so independent people can verify that you are who you say you are and that you wrote what I say you wrote. EVERYTHING will be public and verifiable. I refuse to hide any aspect of this.

If we can’t get anyone interested in publishing it, we’ll publish it our damn selves. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Right-fucking-on. And I bet Regnery will jump all over it. Please pass this around.

(Hat tip, SondraK.)

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