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Welcome to my humble abode. While The Smallest Minority is the host of the Carnival of the Vanities this week, the normal focus of this blog is on the rights of individuals in general, and the Right to Arms in particular. If this subject holds any interest for you, please take some time while you’re here to peruse some of the “Best Posts” linked on the left sidebar of the page. (And, remembering that this IS a Blogspot blog, if the link doesn’t take you directly to the post when you click on it, it WILL take you to the proper page. Clicking the sidebar link again on the page that opens should take you directly to the post in question.)

Enjoy your visit, leave a comment, and – this is especially important – if you disagree with my position, and feel motivated enough to debate the subject, drop me an email. Or, if you’re interested, but uninformed, I’m more than happy to discuss it with you. I’ve studied my subject for going on ten years now. If they offered a PhD, I’d qualify, and I LIKE to argue educate!

Go on, now, and have a good time!

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