My One Entry for Today

And it’s a link to something someone else wrote.

I’ve spent some time today catching up on stuff – oil change for my truck, trip to the bookstore, getting reacquainted with my wife, 😉 – and doing some reading. I mostly write about stuff I read online, and I’ve found something that will result in another long post, but for right now, if you haven’t read it, Michael J. Totten has a piece up from last week that I just stumbled across about what a real totalitarian state is like, and why the Leftist poseurs here are talking out of their asses when they accuse the current administration of totalitarianism and fascism.

Go read Overheard at the Coffee Shop, if you haven’t already.

Note: totalitarianism isn’t impossible here. The mechanisms are always right there just waiting to be assembled and put to use, but we’re a long way from that point. At the moment. Personally, I think civilian disarmament is a prerequisite for totalitarianism here, but I could be wrong about that. It’s possible that the majority of residents here might reach the point where they’d accept the chains of totalitarianism if they were convinced it would bring them safety.

I hope not, but the holy church of statism has been preaching here for decades. It’s hard to tell just how effective it’s been.

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