What, You Thought I was Kidding?

Well, I’m back, finally. We’ll see how long this time. I just spent the last five days on an overhead travelling crane control retrofit that didn’t go as well as I would have liked. We were supposed to be finished Friday afternoon.

There’s an engineering joke – “If it ain’t broke, keep ‘improving’ it until it is.” It seems that one of our vendors made some firmware changes in their product, and now it doesn’t work the same way the (otherwise) identical units made last year do. Not good, since they changed functions I needed and used.

Anyway, I’m home, and barring any catastrophe, perhaps I can get back to posting again. Thanks to all of you who kept my stats up this week, but I did tell you I’d be gone! (I wasn’t about to try posting something from the computer in the lobby of the EconoLodge, even if I could get some seat time in front of it. Besides, 12-hour workdays suck, and I didn’t have the energy anyway.)

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