The REAL Quote of the Week

In a comment to Bill Whittle’s latest, Deterrence:

If Bush wins this election, I will have envisioned thoughts like this resonating through voting booths across our land.

If Kerry wins this election, I will have only thoughts like this only as my solace-somewhere someone else was able to beautifully articulate what I cannot for all of those who on October 6, 2004 crystalized what this election was about.

I will then move to the mid-west-Kansas, Colorado, anywhere. I live near downtown Los Angeles now with my husband and 15 month old son. I don’t want to be near the next testing ground for Kerry’s “lack o’ premptive attack and global test” policy.

Alec Baldwin said he would move, I mean it.

It just isn’t going to be worth it to me to risk the global test…

Thank you, Christine, for putting a great big exclamation point to Bill’s essay.

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