How the HELL did I Miss This?

Varifrank wrote a piece on October 11 very much in the same vein of my That Sumbitch Ain’t Been BORN!An explanation of what it is that Americans believe. It’s long, but it’s worth it if you missed it too.

The Secret Weapon


Americans don’t believe that there is a class of people who should lead them. Americans infact tend to loathe and despise any person who feels that they “Deserve to be in charge!”. We dont see a “lord and master” or messiah in the office of President, we see a man, someone who’s just like us, even when nothing could be further from the truth, thats what we like to see.

I then tell them the truth that the dont want to hear:

“Americans share two universal traits. First, all Americans are exiles of some sort, we are all run out, chased out, thrown out, burned out or sold out of all the other countries in the world. No American is in America because things were working well for them in the places they were from. Talk to an American long enough, and you’ll always find the scalawag who escaped from the noose back in county cork, or the ancestor of the kid who was on the run from conscription in Bismarcks Germany and never saw his family again, you’ll find people who are descended from people who were burned from their homes in during a progrom in Minsk, or survivors of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey. For most of us, America wasnt our first choice as much as it was our last chance.

Second, Americans share one thing in common with each other that no other person in the world can understand. While the rest of the world goes to bed at night saying “Well if things get really bad, I can always go to the States…” As Americans, we know that we have nowhere else to go. If we dont make it here, there is no where else we can go, and few places that will accept us even if we wanted to go. If America were to fall, we all know that we would not be welcome anywhere else. That, is why we fight so hard, that is why we still hold onto our patriotism and faith whem most of the world has thrown theirs away.

Damned straight.

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