I’m finally getting an M1 Garand. For those who are not familiar, the M1 was the workhorse rifle of the U.S. military during WWII. It’s a semi-automatic gas operated 8-shot .30-06 caliber rifle that is quite large and heavy, but reliable as a brick. It looks like this:

I’m getting mine through the Civilian Marksmanship Program by virtue of belonging to an affiliated club, the Tucson Rifle Club, and having shot in a 55-round qualifying match. I’m getting a “rack grade” model, made by Springfield Armory, that spent some time in the hands of the Danish Army before returning to the U.S. The “rack grade” rifle won’t be in any great condition, but it should be a halfway decent shooter. My order will go out today, after I find a notary to sign and stamp it, and in 45 to 90 days, my rifle should show up at my place of work.

Then I get to clean off all the cosmoline!

UPDATE: Order is in the mail.

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