STILL So Wrong About So Much

Back in September of last year I did a post about (and I use the term loosely) cartoonist Scott Bateman, entitled “Never Have So Many Been So Wrong About So Much for So LONG”. Mr. Bateman is apparently the stereotypical Leftist moonbat, and his latest piece concerning the election illustrates that he’s still “so wrong about so much.”

Right. This election was entirely about the Religious Redneck Right’s rejection of the rights of them homersexshuls! (Just the men, though. Two women holdin’ hands or neckin’ makes us rednecks feel funny in the pants!)

Give. Me. A. Break.

We voted for Bush because the unemployment rate is lower than it was when Clinton ran for reelection.

We voted for Bush because we’re bright enough to understand that “Public Health Care” would be as inviting as “Public Toilets,” and probably about as sanitary. (Canada is right next door, you know.)

We voted for Bush because we know there won’t be a draft under him, but under Kerry there’d be a mass exodus from the all-volunteer military, and he’d have been forced to resume the draft to meet the force levels he promised.

We voted for Bush because, as of right now, nobody can name a single civil liberty we’ve lost under him, regardless of how many chicken-littles have decried massive loss of same.

We voted for Bush because Kerry would have done his damnedest to raise our taxes.

We voted for Bush because he won’t apologize to the world for doing what he believed was right, and damn the consequences.

We voted for Bush because he’ll talk to the UN, but he won’t grovel before it, nor kowtow to it.

We voted for Bush because he’ll work with our allies, not insult them. He saves his snubs for our opponents. And he brown-noses no one.

And we voted for Bush because he’s willing to prosecute the war on the Jihadists, and Kerry – quite simply – was not. It’s a war, not a law-enforcement effort.

Suck on your latte and consider THAT, Mr. Bateman.

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