Here’s Another One, Local This Time.

Armed woman sends robber fleeing

Tucson, Arizona | Published: 03.08.2006

A robber got some spare change and a scare when he threatened a woman in Midtown on Monday morning. The 56-year-old woman was walking near East Fort Lowell Road and North Country Club Road when a man dressed in black approached her and demanded money, said Officer Dallas Wilson, a Tucson Police Department spokesman. The robber implied he had a gun, so the woman complied with his order and gave him $1.50, hoping he would leave, Wilson said. Then, thinking her life was in danger, she drew a Smith & Wesson revolver and pointed it at the robber, who ran away. The woman — whose name was not released by police — had a concealed-weapon permit, Wilson said. “She was in fear for her life and she defended herself appropriately,” he said. Police have no suspects in the case. For more information on concealed-weapon permits, visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Web site at

Adding the contact info for the DPS’s CCW site was a nice touch.

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