Ian Hamet IS BACK!.

Back in August I noted that Ian Hamet’s blog Banana Oil! had vanished. Several others had noticed as well. Ian’s an expat living in Shanghai, so we wondered if something bad had happened, and if we should try to call out the blogosphere to find out.

Well, he’s back:

Like Shepherd Book in Firefly, I’ve been out of the world for a while. In my case, it wasn’t by choice, but I’m not going to talk about it. At least, not publicly.

But I am not: incarcerated; deathly ill (or ill at all); sadistically tortured by (or torturing) anyone.

I owe lots of you an email, and some of you a good deal more than that. You will get them, though perhaps not immediately.

Will try to post some interesting quotes for the next week or two, at the very least.

Otherwise, I’m remaining out of the world for just a bit longer. Many apologizings.

Well, kinda.

Welcome back, Ian. Damned glad to hear from you. We were worried. Still are, kinda.

Don’t do that, OK?

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