Not a Thanksgiving Topic.
(But I’ve got to comment on this one.)

The Washington Post reports on a perfectly typical anti-gun knee-jerk illogical reaction to an episode of gun violence:

More Limits Sought On Civilians’ Guns

By Bill Turque
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 21, 2006; Page B05

Stung by the shooting deaths of two officers outside a western Fairfax County police station in May, county officials want to push the Virginia General Assembly to ban the carrying of guns into law enforcement buildings by anyone other than authorized personnel.

OK, let me see if I understand the “logic” here: Two officers are shot to death outside a police station, so in order to prevent another occurrence of this type the Virginia General Assembly wants to make it illegal for anyone other than “authorized personnel” to carry a gun INTO a police station?

Anybody besides me see the logical disconnect here?

State law bans weapons in courthouses. But the absence of any prohibition on weapons inside police stations or jails places officers at risk, county officials say. At the request of Fairfax County Police Chief David M. Rohrer, the Board of Supervisors has included a ban in a draft of its legislative program for the 2007 Virginia General Assembly.

Yes, this works SO well with “Gun-free School Zones,” doesn’t it? Note the difference, though: Police stations are full of armed people. No 20-minute wait for a 9-1-1 response.

The county has made numerous attempts to keep firearms out of government buildings, only to see the initiatives languish in a state legislature loath to restrict the rights of gun owners. But the issue has gained new urgency since the May 8 shootings at the Sully District station in Chantilly.

And here is another example of how our legislators don’t trust the law-abiding. After all, the only people who will obey such a law are the law-abiding. If you’ve decided that you’re going to mow down some police officers at their station-house, why would the fact that the General Assembly made taking your gun there illegal even slow you down? What, they’re going to tack on an extra five years to your death-penalty sentence?

No, it’s just the knee-jerk legislative reaction. “We must DO SOMETHING!” And when the only tool you have is a hammer…

Michael W. Kennedy, a mentally ill 18-year-old, drove to the rear parking lot of the station and fired more than 70 shots with an assault rifle and other weapons. Detective Vicky O. Armel, 40, died that day, along with Kennedy. Officer Michael E. Garbarino, 53, died of his wounds nine days later.

Yep. A new law would have prevented THIS shooting! How does a mentally ill 18-year old acquire an “assault rifle” and other weapons? Didn’t he break some laws to do that? Not to mention ripping off 70+ rounds at the police station parking lot and its occupants.

Mary Ann Jennings, a Fairfax police spokeswoman, said Rohrer would not comment on the proposal, the subject of a public hearing before the board yesterday, because it is still in draft form and has not been formally approved by supervisors.

Rohrer further would not comment because he probably thinks the proposal is as idiotic as I do. At least I hope so.

The Sully shooting touched off an intense discussion among county officials about security at public-safety facilities. The measure has stirred opposition by gun rights groups. Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, said such a ban would not have prevented Kennedy’s assault on the Sully station, which occurred outside the building. He added that police stations have secure areas where only authorized personnel are allowed.

“This whole thing is a non-issue,” Van Cleave said. “They’re just trying to poke gun owners in the eye.”

No, they don’t see it that way, Mr. Van Cleave. These are people who think that anyone who likes guns is a psycopath-in-waiting, but a psychopath that can be deterred by another stupid fucking law.

A psychopath unless they collect a government paycheck.

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