The 30th Anniversary of Star Wars.

I have to comment. I was 15 (!) when Star Wars hit the theater. I was then (and remain) a major fan of Science Fiction, but I had been burned by so many bad SciFi movies that I was not one of those who saw the film in its opening week. Actually, it took about three weeks before the word-of-mouth was irresistible and I went.

Just… wow. The opening scene was awesome, and it just got better from there. I’ve been a fan of the original trilogy ever since. I cite as evidence my “Han Shot First” t-shirt that it just so happens I am wearing as I write this. But I lost interest when Lucas ruined the trilogy with his “director’s cut” versions for the first DVD and theatrical re-release, and I was further put off by the prequel trilogy that – to put it bluntly – just sucked. This is best exemplified by the PVP cartoon strip that said it all:

Joss Whedon, for those of you who don’t know, is responsible for the outstanding but ill-fated TV series Firefly and the feature-film Serenity.

So, in celebration of this momentous anniversary I give you the best piece of satire I have ever seen from the Star Wars universe: Darth Vader calls the Emperor after the destruction of the Death Star:


Oh, and don’t forget the Femtroopers and . . .

. . . the abomination below her. (That post is still drawing hits today.)

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