To the men and women of Regimental Combat Team 6

I’d like to thank you.

I’m a middle-forties, overweight, out-of-condition electrical engineer living in Tucson, Arizona with my wife, step-daughter, and two grandchildren. I want you to know that I believe I understand what it is you are risking your life and limb for: the chance to shut down an ideology of death and enslavement that threatens modern civilization; the chance to do it at its heart, and to avoid having the fight come to our home towns. You are there to help a people learn what it is to be free, and to slam the door on those who wish to enslave everyone.

It is a noble goal. It is a lousy job, in lousier conditions, made even worse by voices from back home who tell you that all is lost, that what you’re doing is wrong, illegal, immoral, and fattening.

Ignore them.

Understand that we, Silent America, stand behind you. Those of us in flyover country respect what you are doing, and only wish we could help you do it better, harder, faster. We want you home, too, but we know what is at stake. Your sacrifice of time, of blood, of life is not wrong, is not in vain, and is very greatly appreciated by the people you don’t hear about in the newscasts or in the papers from home. Apparently we’re not newsworthy. Apparently, what you’re doing there isn’t either, unless the media can manufacture a scandal out of it.

But we’re here, and we know better, because you’re our husbands, wives, sons, and daughters.

To whomever this reaches directly, please send me an email response and let me know anything you and your Team might need. I am a contributor to Soldier’s Angels, but anything I can do directly I will try.

And once again, thank you for being the best America has to offer the world.

Send an email of your own in support of RCT-6 per the request of their commander, Col. Richard L. Simcock in a round-table interview as reported at Blackfive.

Sorry for my tardiness on this. No excuses.

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