No News is Not Always Good News.

Well, it’s been a week and no response from my last email to Laura Washington. I guess she’s not going to respond, and there’s no chance for Reasoned Discourseā„¢ with her. And I’ve heard nothing back from James Hupp as of yet, after two emails and another comment on his blog. I get the feeling he’s tied up in TSA hell after venting at an airline employee or six. It would be understandable. I’m hopeful this discussion will still occur, but that hope is beginning to wane.

Anyway, I’m back from my business trip, and I’ve got to get ready for Reno next weekend, but I’ve got to service my truck, load some ammo, and I’ll be working on Sunday trying to get caught up before I hit the road, so blogging will remain sparse.

I’d like to thank everybody who linked to my post on reloading. There were a lot of you. I had no idea that the subject would be so popular!

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