If an actor tells us, it must be true!

Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, who is currently doing the voice-over work for the Japanese TV version of the Planet Earth series, relates the following in a Japan Times interview:

The project that brings (Watanabe) back from hibernation is the BBC nature series “Planet Earth” (titled “Earth” in Japan) by documentary maker Alastair Fothergill, the creative force behind the huge worldwide hit “Deep Blue.” A filmic plea to rescue the planet from environmental destruction, “Earth” opens with a haunting shot of that polar bear coming out of hibernation and searching for footing on melting ice.

Watanabe, who narrates the movie’s Japanese version, recalls what he saw when he spent a month in the Arctic filming on a different project, before he got the call from the producers of “Earth.”

“The first dawn after winter up there is supposed to be mid-February, but the sun appeared to rise two weeks earlier. When I asked the locals about it, they said there have been huge changes here in the last few years.

Yes, the orbit of Earth has been SHIFTED BY GLOBAL WARMING!

You heard it here first, folks.

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