On the Next √úberpost.

Yes, I know I’ve been promising it for a while, but so far it’s gone through three iterations and I still don’t have it hammered out to a conclusion I can live with. This one’s very complex, and complicated by the fact that I’m currently reading Liberal Fascism which plays directly on the topic I’m writing about.

So I’m going to shelve it (again) until I can complete Liberal Fascism and get all my metaphorical ducks in a row. It seems like every day I find some new news article or old archived post by someone that I bookmark and stick in the file for this piece.

I think this one’s going to be long, even for me.

The current working title, if you’re interested, is “The George Orwell Daycare Center,” and it’s a much reworked and very extended takeoff from an earlier post, Philosophy melded with a more recent one, Human Reconstruction, the Healing of Souls, and the Remaking of Society, with a lot of other stuff mixed in, and a little RCOB thrown in for spice.

In the mean time, short filler posts. Sorry.

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