Want a Quick Overview on “Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming”?

I strongly recommend you watch the 50-minute film produced by Warren Meyer, the proprietor of Coyote Blog and Climate Skeptic. (Of course Warren can be ignored by the Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming faithful – he once worked for Exxon, and admits it!)

Warren offers multiple options for viewing his video. I just downloaded and watched the Windows Media version.

Compare the information in his video to this 30-second “Public Dis-Service” commercial designed to frighten our children:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU7BO35n47I&hl=en&w=425&h=355]

I am now thoroughly convinced that “Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming” is nothing more or less than the latest incarnation of Rachael Carlson’s “Silent Spring” and Paul Erlich’s “Population Bomb” – another excuse to politicize all aspects of life, and to frighten the population into giving unlimited power to government officials in order to “save us from ourselves.”

As Richard Thripp at the YouTube site commented on the “Tick, Tick” video:

Together we can obliterate self-sovereignty!

That is the plan. And that is the Quote of the Day.

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