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As noted in the post below, I’m offering for sale the “F^*K IT! McCAIN ’08” bumper sticker. I have some on order now, but not enough to cover the orders (if y’all are being serious) that have already come in.

I prefer to run The Smallest Minority as a non-profit. It makes that “fair use” disclaimer at the bottom of the page much more believable if I don’t benefit from the operation of this site, but handling a bunch of bumper sticker orders looks to me to be at least a minor PITA, so earning a little cash on the deal is tempting.

Was tempting.

I hereby announce that any and all profits on these stickers will go to Jed at Freedomsight to help pay for his very necessary dental work. In fact, if we can arrange it, I would prefer that you hit his tipjar then he can contact me and let me know where to send the bumper stickers, and how many. That way I’m not even handling the money.

Let me know what you think. I haven’t even sprung it on him yet, but I will as soon as I hit the “Publish Post” button.

UPDATE: We’re on! Jed emails:

My observation of PayPal e-mails is that they provide a comment area, so purchasers can supply quantity and mailing address, and I can just forward that info to you.

So head on over, hit his tipjar, give him the name and address in the comment area, and we can get this show on the road!

For those preferring another payment method over PayPal, drop me an email at gunrightsATcomcastDOTnet and we’ll see what we can work out.


Qty. 1 to 4, $5 each

Qty. 5 to 9, $4 each

Qty. 10+, $3 each.

So if you want 4 it’s $20, (and you’ll receive 5).

These prices include postage. And remember, it’s for a good guy, that’s why the pricing is wacky. (Are you really going to order nine???)

UPDATE: Jed has his system worked out now. Go here, follow his instructions and place your orders.

Again, if you don’t want to use PayPal, drop me an email.

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