Repulsive Presidential Candidates

Hmm… Perhaps I should print a few gross of these up and sell them:

It’s getting to be popular. Snowflakes in Hell mentioned it, and the inestimable Rachel Lucas picked it up not once, but twice. Ol’Broad gave it a mention last week, too.

If you’ve seen it elsewhere, cited or not, please let me know.

UPDATE I: As others have reminded me, it has also appeared at The Geek with a .45, where Curtis Lowe found it. Candy for Idiots has placed it on their sidebar, and Gary Cruise has posted on it as well.

It’s a meme!

UPDATE II: At the request demand of the Blue-Eyed Infidel, I have some of these on order. I expect them to take a few days to get here, though. How does $5 each or 5 for $20 sound, postage paid? Get your orders in.

UPDATE III: It is a meme! The bumper sticker is now linked at:

Classical Values

Grief in Brief

Political inSecurity

Pun Salad

And The Jawa Report.

So far (if they’re serious) I have 41 requested.

Edited to add: One commenter at The Jawa Report suggested a good alternative:

Unfortunately, not enough people get the military slang.

And another one:

The text is too small, but the sentiment is perfect.

UPDATE IV: If you’ve just clicked in to this post as a single, and you’re at all interested in purchasing a bumper sticker or twelve, please read the post above this one.

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