In Britain He’d be in Trouble

In Britain He’d be in Trouble

Self-defense is all about attitude.

Stealing blatantly from the Ass. Press again, comes this story out of Charlotte, N.C.:

Charlotte teen foils burglary with pocketknife

Fourteen-year-old Dante Gardin first hid in his closet from the burglars who broke into his Charlotte home.

But when one of them kicked in his locked bedroom door Saturday morning, Gardin told The Charlotte Observer, he decided to act.

Gardin said he cut the man on the stomach with a pocketknife he grabbed before he hid and the man dropped his gun.

The teen said when he grabbed the gun, the thieves left without taking anything.

Gardin said he called police, but officers could not find the green van he saw driving away.

No 14 year-old needs a pocketknife! He should’ve curled into a ball and begged them not to hurt him!

Nah, screw that. Good for him. Too bad he didn’t have a 12 gauge. I wonder if the police will be able to find anything when they run a trace on the gun dropped at the scene. Maybe they’ll get lucky and the perp will go to an emergency room to get his gut sewed up.

Oh, wait, of course they won’t. The eeeeeevil NRA prevents them from running traces… What? You mean they don’t?

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