Up Next, MORE Lack of Content!

Up Next, MORE Lack of Content!

Sorry about the sparseness of posting, but life intrudes. I’ve been busy with work and personal stuff on top of the ennui I wrote about last week. The brewing national financial disaster leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach, although I have (I hope) prepared as well as I can for anything short of a new Depression. Right now I’m more afraid of the proposed “solution” than I am of not trying to stem the disaster.

I’m afraid that the Gods of the Copybook Headings are about to arise once again no matter what is or isn’t done.

And while it’s not new, a lot of my current readers are, so I invite you to read (again or for the first time) my Sept. 5, 2004 essay Freedom, the Constitution, and Civil War.

I think it’s held up well over four years.

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