Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

AZLibertarian discusses the FedGov’s “Cash for Clunkers” program, reflecting on the experience the Arizona state government had with a similar program aimed at “alternate fuel” conversions a few years ago:

The taxpayers of Arizona bought me a third of my truck. Nice if you can get it, but the state can’t stay in business this way.

So, why is this relevant today?

Here’s why….The Cash for Clunkers program is going broke. They overstimulated. They’re having to add money to keep a program meant to last until October make it last beyond its first week.

In short, the fed.gov is doing today what the Arizona state.gov did 10 years ago. For their own reasons, they believe they’re smarter than the Invisible Hand, and it isn’t working.


Alternative Fuel Clunkers, Twenty Miles of Bad Road

So we should obviously put them in charge of our health care.


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