First “Law Abiding Citizen” now “Harry Brown”

First “Law Abiding Citizen” now “Harry Brown

Watch the trailer:

It was supposed to release in the US on 11/6/09, but I can’t find it showing anywhere. It’s also supposed to have opened in the UK on 11/11. Someone’s seen it, because there are currently 40 User Comments at IMDB. This is typical:

This film accurately depicts life in modern Britain today.

Not the image of a flowing rolling countryside of middle class England which is often depicted in typical international films but one of an inner city “sink” estate – Elephant & Castle in London – with all of its associated problems.

I saw the film last night and it brought back all the memories I have of having lived in similar circumstances.

Michael Caine is excellent, this is probably one of his best films and I expect film nominations for his role.

The film gives a gritty but realistic view of the life most people live on the sink estates of Britain, all are there through no choice of their own, but some are aware of the conditions they are forced to live in.

I don’t think we’ll see the British government promoting this film as it portraits the country in a very bad light, though, if you are not from Britain and would like a taste of what some of us have to put up with I recommend you see this film.

I’d like to see it.

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