Quote of the Day – Repeating History Division

I am not a historian or a statistician. Nonetheless I had been skimming Climate Audit for a couple of years and knew enough to write, in January 2009, “Michael Mann should be in prison.” I continue to enthusiastically endorse this view. I also do know a bit about the past.

And the past has sent me its report on Climategate. It is a short message – quite pithy – full of punch. I transcribed it this week from my favorite Ouija board. At the planchette: me and my 2-year-old daughter, Sibyl.

After data corrections, the text reads:

Your entire system of government is incurably insane.

Unqualified ReservationsClimategate: history’s message

I am reminded by this of The Geek with a .45‘s observation upon deciding to get the hell out of Dodge New Jersey,

“Entire Societies Can and Have Gone Stark Raving Batshit Fucking Insane.”

For some, it was brief and temporary, and for others, it was more or less a permanent state of affairs.

His quote was in the context of WWII, but he expanded it to the current government (and accepting populace) of New Jersey. And it’s gone beyond just New Jersey and California.

Mencius Moldbug’s post is unquestionably of √úberpost status, but do give it a thorough read. (Edited to add: I think Climategate: history’s message is the best post I’ve read in years. It’s epic-length, but worth your time.) And re-peruse the Geek’s piece.

And think.

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